PH Series

The special head of the PH nail prevents the nail from twisting in the fuller and nail hole. The PH nail fits seamlessly in the concave shoes. Nailing with the PH nail reduces possible pressure on the hoof wall as the pitch of the nail offers a small angle between nail
head and the shaft of the nail that supports nailing with a correct angle. The slim and strong longer shaft gives the option to nail higher as and when preferred or necessary.

Reference Length (mm) Carton Size
(boxes x nails)
PH-2 49 14 x 250 28 x 100
PH-3 50.5 14 x 250 28 x 100
PH-4 53.5 14 x 250 28 x 100
PH-5 56.5 14 x 250 28 x 100