Our Legacy

1964 – 1976

The Beginning

In 1964, K. K. Nayyar, brought a revolution in the hoofcare industry in India to break away from
handmade nails to a superior quality of organized machine-made horseshoe nails. He educated
the farriers about the merits of using machine-made horseshoe nails and he led the empire to a
firing start.

1976 – 1988

The Second Generation

In 1976, Sunil Nayyar, a Mechanical Engineer, took his father’s empire to greater heights with
his technical knowledge. He expanded the plant with many new machines along with wiredrawing
facility within the factory to convert the production into a fully integrated in-house
production line.

1988 – 2000

The Business at its Boom

During this period, the company increased production to about 700 tonnes per annum to cater to the major share of Indian sub-continent market and also started exporting to international

2000 – 2009

The Era of Partnerships

A Joint Venture in year 2000 with Mustad, a world leader in horseshoe nails was established to
cater to the Asian Markets. The venture lasted for 10 years during which modern infrastructure
was introduced in a new factory in Noida, UP, India.

2010 – 2013

A decade later, in year 2010 a foundation of a new fully integrated factory spread over 3000
square meter area in the name of Cauvery Steels Private Limited, was established at Sahibabad
UP, India.

2013 – 2018
The Third Generation – New Dynamism

Pranjul Nayyar, a young dynamic Mechanical Engineer decided to take this family legacy forward in 2013. During this time, production line automation and enhanced total quality systems were set up. Over 80 types of horseshoe nails were developed by closely working with farriers and other industry experts from different geographies.

2018 – 2023
Going Global

The two premium brands, Optima – ultra-low carbon steel horseshoe nails, and
Optima-29 – anti-microbial copper coated horseshoe nails, were launched worldwide.
The Optima Global family today is present in over 40 countries, compassionately
servicing the hoofcare industry.