About Us

We are an exclusive Horseshoe Nail organization with an expertise of over 50 years in the business. Our horseshoe nails are carefully crafted as per international standards making us one of the global leaders in horseshoe nails manufacturing. We are the only company in the Indian organized sector to manufacture horseshoes nails. Our products are used across the world including Australia, Latin America, Europe, and Asian and Middle East countries.

Our Vision

To provide hoofcare products of international standards thereby building our business through impeccable quality and trusted service. We will undertake product interventions for increasing the range and impact of our products catering to global needs.

Our Mission

To positively impact the life of equines, equine owners and farriers by catering to the basic needs of superior quality and long lasting hoofcare products. To strive for product improvements and innovation through exchange of technology from our international partners.

Our Values

Optima Horseshoe Nails is an organization driven by the following values that act as our guiding force and define the way we do business:

  • Honor: We will be ethical and fair in all our practices and will always stand by the principle of ‘honor before glory’.
  • Excellence: We will strive for excellence in both our product and service offerings so that we stand apart from others purely on our merit.
  • Dependability: We will prove to be dependable for all our stakeholders – our investors, customers, consumers, partners and employees alike.
  • Respect: We will build care and compassion in all our processes and treat everyone with respect and dignity of labor.
  • Courage: We will have the courage to take on the challenges that come our way and emerge stronger from each one of them through our resilience and resolve to serve the community better.