Optima Horseshoe Nails

Cauvery Steels Pvt Ltd, an exclusive manufacturer of horseshoe nails with a legacy of over five decades, brings to you its premium brand Optima Horseshoe Nails. Our horseshoe nails are carefully crafted as per international standards making us one of the global leaders in horseshoe nails manufacturing. We are the only company in the Indian organized sector to manufacture horseshoes nails. Our products are used across the world including Australia, Latin America, Europe, Asian and Middle East countries.

Our business is built on three pillars – Quality, Trust and Compassion.

Quality: At Optima Horseshoe Nails quality is paramount, which is evident from the fact that all our horseshoeing nails are manufactured from specially selected ultra-low carbon steel of the finest quality obtained from world markets. Each of our horseshoe nail passes through 20 dimensional controls on a range of 50 attributes that differentiate a good quality horseshoe nail from others.

Trust: It was in the year 1964 that we stepped into the industry and since then have constantly strived for excellence in our products. The quality of our products and its consonance to international standards has kept the trust of our patrons intact in our business. We have earned the trust of customers over a period of time with our unmatched commitment to quality.

Compassion: At Optima Horseshoe Nails we share the same compassion for equines as you do for them. As a result, there will never be a time when the quality of the product gets compromised because we know the impact that a horseshoe nail can make to the life of the equine.


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