Optima-29 OX Series

Represents the pinnacle in horseshoe nail manufacturing technology.

Without rival, the ultimate in slim shank technology – more slender on all four faces maximising nail pitch options and reducing horn displacement to an absolute minimum.

Nail placement options are increased by the extra 9mm in shank length over the equivalent E head size, whilst OPTIMA’s unique pointing geometry ensures a precision driveand a clean exit.

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REFERENCES Length (mm) Boxes availability
OX-80 70 100 Pcs
OX-70 59 250 Pcs
OX-65 57 250 Pcs
OX-60 54.5 250 Pcs
OX-55 52.5 250 Pcs
OX-50 50 250 Pcs
OX-40 45 250 Pcs


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