Optima-29 E Series Standard Nail

A no fuss, reliable, multi-purpose nail trusted by farriers across the globe.

E-nails are European style nails whose symmetrical head design provide for an excellent fit in all V-fullered shoes. The nail profile dictates that the shank flows from the centre of the head thereby increasing material mass, strength and reliability within the critical neck area.

The nail is commonly used in a wide variety of breeds, shoe styles and applications.

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REFERENCES Length (mm) Boxes availability
E-9 64 100 Pcs
E-8 60.5 100 Pcs
E-7 57 250 Pcs
E-6 54 250 Pcs
E-5 51 250 Pcs
E-4 47.5 250 Pcs
E-3 45 250 Pcs
E-2 41 250 Pcs


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