Our Legacy

The Beginning
It was in the year 1964, Kewal Krishan Nayyar, laid the foundation of an empire that was taken forward by his family. The product may have been unusual but was important for horse fraternity. In order to attach the shoe to the horse’s hoof, a nail had to be used. It was during this period that breaking away from handmade nails to a superior quality of organized machine-made horseshoe nails was manufactured in Ludhiana, Punjab by the Nayyar family. An extremely impressive businessman who had polished skills for his product, he educated the farriers about the merits of using machine made horseshoe nails and he led the empire to a firing start.

The Second Generation
In 1976, Sunil Nayyar took his father’s empire to even greater heights with his technical knowledge. After graduating from Mechanical Engineering from Chandigarh Engineering College, there was no looking back for this young man who was out there to bring a boom.

His expansion of the plant led to a whooping increase in production to almost three times more. He imported fine quality raw material from Europe and his product spoke volumes about quality which led him to acquire a major share of the Indian market.

The Business at its Boom
With technical expertise Sunil Nayyar could bring about a revolution in the production arena. He expanded the plant with many new machines along with wire-drawing facility within the factory to convert the production into a fully integrated in-house production line. The led to an increase in production to about 700 tonnes per annum while capturing 70 percent of domestic market.

A new factory at Sahibabad, UP, India was established to cater to this increased demand. This was also the time when the product got international acknowledgement leading to exports to Europe, Africa, and Asia.

The Era of Partnerships
To make an export hub in India, Nayyar’s established a Joint Venture in year 1999 with Mustad, a world leader in horseshoe nails to be able to cater for the Asian Markets. The venture lasted for 10 years during which modern infrastructure was introduced in a new factory in Noida, UP, India.


A decade later in year 2009 Sunil Nayyar started the struggle with twice the fire in him to emerge as a leader. He restarted the empire all over again by laying the foundation of his factory in the name of Cauvery Steels Private Limited, at Sahibabad UP, India. With his expertise, he established a fully integrated factory that could provide everything from raw material to packaging with state-of-the-art technology. With the quality of products and consonance to international standards, he soon regained the trust of customers and reestablished as a global brand.

The Third Generation – New Dynamism
Pranjul Nayyar, a young dynamic leader decided to take this family legacy forward in 2012. Another fiery and intelligent graduate of Mechanical Engineering just like his father Sunil Nayyar, he is taking the product to elevated heights by not only regaining 80 percent of the domestic market share but also becoming a global brand by establishing Optima Horseshoe Nails.


Going Global
Today Optima Horseshoe Nails is established as one of the global leaders. Optima Horseshoe Nails are being used in Latin America, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Indian-subcontinent, South-East Asia, and Australia.

Optima Horseshoe Nails stands tall as an internationally renowned brand and is poised to take the leadership position in the equine industry.