Optima Leadership

Message from the Chairman, Mr. Sunil Nayyar

Ever since the inception in the year 1964, we have been the pioneers in providing the Indian farrier community with machine made horseshoe nails replacing the earlier handmade nails. All along these years up until today, the one key factor that has driven us has been our passion for excellence.

Talking about our product, it is not just a nail for us, it is our way of caring for the animals. Our love for horses has been one of the major factors for the quality that our products truly display. We encountered many challenges in this journey but we stood steadfast in the face of adversity to always turn the tide in our favor. I believe we have been able to achieve this due to our commitment towards our vision.

Our aim now is to make a mark in the international arena by making our product globally desired. We are incorporating the numerous parameters that are required to fulfill the expectations of clients across the world. Adapting to the changing demands of the industry, we have consistently strived to provide value to our customers through our product where we have applied advanced technologies and have been successful so far.

Going forward, we will provide hoofcare products of international standards of finest quality and service, and applied innovation that takes the product to elevated heights. We, a flourishing enterprise, pursue our focused and well-crafted objectives with relentless determination and all this has been possible because of our camaraderie and teamwork, where we are one for all and all for one.

Warm Regards

Sunil Nayyar


Message from the CEO, Pranjul Nayyar

As an integral part of the equine industry owing to our family legacy we have witnessed many changes over the years. What has remained constant has been our unending love for horses. It is with this thought that we entered the business of horseshoe nails over 50 years ago. Ever since our aim has been to manufacture the ideal horseshoe nails that provide comfort and enhanced performance to your equines.

Over the years we have seen many changes in the industry. As the industry has grown wide and modern, our aim is to maintain relationships and mutual respect between all stakeholders of the industry, including manufacturer, distributors, horse owners, farriers and veterinarians, helping us understand each other better. Our goal is to keep learning from ground-level experiences and include our findings in our product design, thereby growing along with all our stakeholders.

With the right mindset of inclusive growth, and over 50 years of experience, we have come out with a world-class quality product. We understand that different equines have different requirement of horseshoe nails and therefore our products are constantly evolving with inputs from all around the world. Our R&D teams have a great role to play in this as we work on the basic premise that hooves are the most important part of a horse and their protection and care is of primary importance. Our blinkered focus on horseshoe nails enables us to dedicate ourselves to produce the best nails in the world and allow you to give the best to your best.

Through our years of existence in this industry, we have built a relationship of trust and respect with all our business partners. This has been achieved through timely deliveries, consistency of products and competitive pricing. We hope that the coming years will also see the same bonhomie and faith that we share with our stakeholders.

We pledge to support equines across all economic levels by building awareness about the need and importance of ideal horseshoe nails. Equine welfare is the driving force behind our business and we believe that this pure intention is reason enough for getting unflinching support from our stakeholders.

Believing in the concept of TEAM…Together Everyone Achieves More, we strive to raise the bar and reach out to greater heights.

Warm Regards

Pranjul Nayyar